Wolf Clan

AniWahya (Wolf Clan )representing WAR)

The Wolf Clan is ALWAYS FIRST to get the Black Drink during Stomp meetings, and is the largest clan -- and the most prominent clan -- providing most of the war chiefs in our history. The Chickamaugans were largely Wolf Clan. The Wolf clan are keepers and trackers of the wolf and the only clan who could kill a wolf through special ceremonies and wolf medicines. The Clan color of the AniWaya is Red and their wood is Hickory. Their flag is red with white stars.

Theirs was the responsibility to gather, develop, maintain, and teach the knowledge of loyalty, protection, security, ability to keep up to date intelligence on the surrounding environment, to function as part of the group while maintaining ones own individuality, and the Wolf, and it's habitat.

Chief Dancing Eagle.jpg

Wolf Clan Chief Anthony Dancing Eagle Chance


Wolf Clan Mother Rita Chance


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Vice chief position open please go to the HR Department in interested in this position