Past Chiefs
Chief Running Fox                      
Chief Little Carbinter                  
Chief Dragging Canoe               
Chief John Watt                        
Chief Billy Bowleggs                 
Chief Otter Gown George Green 
Chief Ben.  F. Green                 
Chief James Green                   
Chief James M. Green              
Chief C.C. Chance                 
Chief Jim Chance                   
Chief E.T. Johnson               
Chief Red Johnson                   
Chief James Billy Chance  

 Late 1600
 1700 TO 1750
 1735 to 1794
 1795 to 1855
 1812 to 1832
 1795  to 1836
 1832 to 1886
 1866 to 1910
 1868 to 1941
 1888 to 1945
 1910 to 1935
 1935 to 1973
 1973 to Present date 

1.  Osceola ( Black Water ) was 12 years old, but he was not a Chief in Alabama Barbour County.
2.  King Phillip - Chief of Eufaula town, Creek town, Billy Bowlegg was a War Chief
3.  Chief Red Eagle, declared war on Fort Mims
4.  Chief Tecumseh, Shawnee and Creek his mother was a Creek Indian, Tecumseh went south and stayed all most two years among his mothers people.
5.  Chief Little Turtle 1790, Miami War Leader with the Chickamauga, defeats General Harmons, and in 1791 Slaughtered General St. Clair's army of over 1400 soldiers.
The Chickamauga Cherokee Indians was made up of The Chickamauga Cherokee, Creek, Shawnee, Miami, Choctaws, Chickasaws and many other tribes that join for a short time under Chief Tecumseh.
The Indian Creek Village set south of Horseshoe Bend, but when you go south of Horseshoe Bend the first Creek town was Eufaula, a short distant further is the village of Indian Creek near were the Little Indian Creek came into the Pea River.  Most of the time when you look up information in Alabama about the Indians in this location, you will find very little is known about these Indians, and this was part of the reason that Chief Billy Bowleggs made us the keeper of the history. We were told to stay out of all things and watch out for the old, the woman and children and to keep the history of our people.  We have tried to do just that, and we are still here today over 2 hundred years later, trying to fulfill what we were ordered to do for our people.

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Over the past forty years, our tribe has had many National Vice Chiefs who were women and who did a very good job for this tribe and its people.  It is very true that it was not until around 1755 that the Cherokee Nation had its first female chief, Nancy Ward.  The problem with Nancy Ward began long before she became chief over the Cherokee Nation and caused the Nation to split into two parts.

This came about because when Dragging Canoe went to Nancy Ward’s father and told him he wished to marry her, her father said no and would not even talk with him about this matter.  Dragging Canoe became very angry and stabbed him in the chest with a knife.  From that time on, Nancy and Dragging Canoe were estranged.  Nancy Ward took on many of the white man’s ways and, after her husband was killed in the fight with the Creek Indians, she was made the first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation.  She even talked Dragging Canoe’s father into thinking along those same lines and in the meeting that Dragging Canoe’s father called, Dragging Canoe jumped to his feet and took two thousand warriors on the warpath.  The Cherokee Nation came apart, never to be put back together again.



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