Paint Clan

AniWodi (Red Paint Clan or "Paint" representing DEATH)

In the southeast on the Chickamaugan Stomp Ground sits the Red Paint Clan or "Corn People." Those belonging to this Clan made red paint. Dida:hnvwi:sgi (healers / sorcerers or medicine men) and Adawehi (wisemen) traditionally came from this clan at one time in our history. The Clan Color for the Ani Wodi is White and their wood is Locust. Their flag is black with red stars.

To the last group, the smallest and most secretive of the groups, was given the responsibility to gather, develop, maintain, and teach the knowledge of life, birth, death, and regeneration, of things kept hidden, of second sight and illusion, including the ceremonies, rituals, and tools there of. They were the only ones that were allowed to make a special red paint and dye that are used for ceremonial purposes and warfare, because of this they were called the Paint Clan. The Paint Clan (AniWodi) were known for their prominent Medicine People and Conjurors.

Paint Clan Chief Samuel Compton



Paint Clan Vice Chief

Christopher Compton