Mothers of the Roundhouse Council

















HEADMOTHER OF THE ROUNDHOUSE                       MOTHER                                                    RITA  CHANCE

                                                                                                   CHEYENNE AUTUMN

                                                                                                   DELTONA, FLORIDA 32725

                                                                                                   PHONE 386- 574-3291











2. WOLF CLAN MOTHER                                                                                     RITA  CHANCE

                                                                                                   CHEYENNE AUTUMN

                                                                                                   DELTONA, FLORIDA 32725

                                                                                                   PHONE 386- 574-3291









3. DEER CLAN MOTHER                                                          


4. WILD POTATO CLAN MOTHER                                                MOTHER  BARBARA SANCHEZ

                                                                                                         Lexington, Ky 

                                                                                                   Phone:  859 - 368 - 1748



5. BLUE HOLLY CLAN MOTHER                                                 



6. BIRD CLAN MOTHER                                                                                 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                      

7.  PAINT CLAN MOTHER                                                                                        OPEN


8. LONG HAIR CLAN MOTHER                                     MOTHER CAMILLE GEOGHEGAN


                                                                                                        Stuart, Florida 












Past Mothers of the RoundHouse

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The Mothers of the Longhouse in the days of old, were the ones to judge how the laws were to be put to use, when to go to war or when not to go to war. The role of the Mothers of the Longhouse is to teach the ways of the forefathers, raise funds at the Chief and councils orders, as set down in the bylaws of the Indian Creek Band as a nonprofit group under the laws of the state.

The Mothers of the Lounghouse will help the members when they ask for help. They will work hand in hand with each other and try to keep order among a happy group of members. The Head Mother along with other mothers is to learn and teach the ways of old, so that people can live better in today’s world. The job of a mother is to keep the Indian Creek Band happy and to recruit new members and to teach new crafts to those members. A mother has the power to bring a problem to the council, however, all problems will be taken up by the Mothers of the Longhouse with the advice of the Men of the Sun Lodge. Any decision made by the Mothers of the Longhouse is final.