A Cherokee Legend


     In the old days the Cherokee Medicine Man would travel to the Rock Caves to meet with the Little People and share in their secrets. The Medicine Man would stay in the mountains for seven days and nights telling stories around the campfire. On the first night they would tell the story of the bear and sing the songs the bear had taught the Cherokee. The songs were for good hunting. On the second night they would dance the Green Corn Dance for good crops, singing and dancing all night long. On the third night a song was sung to invoke the deer to be kind to the Cherokee hunters. The fourth, fifth and sixth nights were spent on more storytelling, dancing and singing. Each medicine man told about sacred formula that the Little People has entrusted in him.

     On the seventh night at the darkest hour, as the drums beat louder and louder, the Little People or Yundi Tsundi danced into the circle. They danced and chanted sacred songs. Then the Little People told the medicine men to return the secrets that had been shared with them that year. One by one the medicine men placed the secret formulas in the hands of the Little People. They would return again and again to receive and return the spirit gifts of the Little People.





Home Remedies & Herb Medicine


Shingles and Build the Immune Power

Shingles – Taking Lysine Supplements at the onset of Shingles can’t hurt and might help, says Leon Robb, M.D., Director of the Robb Pain Management in Los Angeles, California. Take along with Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin C; the Lysine should be 8 to 10 tablets at a time. This should be about 1000 mg of Vitamin C and 1000mg of Vitamin B-12.

  Will help irreversible nerve damage and help to build immunization power. Take a Vitamin B-12 Complex supplement to regenerate and rebuild nerve cells, plus add a Zinc Multivitamin tablet.


Activated Charcoal

Paste of powdered Activated Charcoal will draw the poison out very quickly so that the sting ill not hurt or swell, according to Richard Hansen M.D. Medical Director of Poland Springs Health Institute of Poland Springs, Maine. Carefully open a few Charcoal capsules and remove the powder. Moisten it with water and apply to the sting, cover with gauze or even plastic wrap. The Charcoal works best if it stays moist. This has been used on skin cancers and in many cases works very well.

For Fever

Take one pond of bark of a Yellow Birch, half a pound of Sweet Flag, half a pound of Tag Alder Bark, two ounces of Thoroughwort, two ounces of Tansy, dry, put to these four quarts of water and boil slowly; stir and boil the liquor down one half, then let it cool and then add two quarts of sweet wine, stir and then bottle for use. Dosage is one Tablespoon every two hours until the shakes come on, then no more the remainder of that day. Pursue this daily and you will be satisfied of its efficiency.

For Gravel

Take one pound of Blue Flag, one pound of Spignut, two ounces of Blood Root, two ounces of Coltsfoot, two ounces of Solomon’s Seal, two ounces of Burdock Seed, and one handful of Peach kernels; boil these in four quarts of water for three hours and then strain and add one pound of loaf sugar and one pint of Holland Gin, take one tablespoonful three times each day before meals; this is infallible.


For Dropsy

Take four parts of Dwarf Elder, three parts of Queen of the Meadow, three parts of Jacob’s Ladder, three parts water or green briar, three parts of Horseradish, two parts of large podded Milkweed, boil them in sufficient water to cover them, then press out the liquor and add to every quart a half-pint of Gin. It is then fit for use. Take a wine glass full every four hours throughout the day. The result will astonish you.

For Corns

Make a plaster of equal parts of Canada balsam, and yolk of eggs, apply three times; it seldom fails curing at the first application.

For Dyspepsia

Take two parts of man root pulverized, two parts gum myrrh, two parts anise-seed, one part saffron, one part black alder bark,  two parts orange peel, one part Spignut, one part gentian, one part golden seal, and one part spearmint, all pulverized; put them all in a stone jug by the fire, about blood warm for six days, covered with brandy or two quarts of brandy to one pound of the compound, then strain and add one pound of loaf sugar to every two quarts of liquor; dosage is one teaspoonful three times each day, or sufficient to operate the bowels once in 24 hours, reduce the dose as the occasion requires. This is good for all disorders of the stomach, liver and pancreas. This is worth Fifty Dollars to any family; it has cured thousands.

For Inflammation of the Stomach

Take one part Spignut, and one quart Bittersweet, and one part carrots boiled; apply externally, then take one fourth ounce Lobelia, one half ounce  Indian Turnip, one half ounce Solomon’s Seal, and a handful of Marshmallows, put these in one quart of pure spirits and let sit for 24 hours, then take as the stomach will bear. This is an excellent prescription and seldom fails.

For Diarrhea or Flux

First, take cordial, two scruples Rhubarb, two of Cinnamon, one of Saleratus, one gill of boiling water, sweetened with loaf sugar, and one teaspoonful of Brandy. Second, syrup one part Bayberry bark, one part Cherry Tree bark, one part White Poplar bark, half part Pond Lilly, half part Blackberry root, boil them and sweeten with loaf sugar, and very little Brandy. Third, injections, one pint mucilage of Elm, one pint mucilage marshmallows, one gill  molasses, one pint sweet milk, half teaspoonful Saleratus, and one fourth ounce Lady Slipper. Fourth, wash the whole surface with Saleratus and water, night and morning. Fifth, rubefacient to the bowels, one teaspoonful of spirits of Turpentine, four parts water and four parts of Brandy applied warm once in four hours, and a warm flannel bandage applied round the body. Directions: give one teaspoonful of the syrup every hour and a teaspoonful of the cordial at the same time, until the evacuations are healthy, then continue syrup alone, give an injection once in four hours, after applying the rubefacient to the bowels; for drink use mucilage of elm, or marshmallows, and Virginia Snake Root, or Ginger. This is infallible.

For Piles

If the Piles are outward, make an ointment of Fireweed, Sage, Parsley, Mayweed, Burdock, Narrow Dock, Sweet Elder and Butter, simmered together, anoint the parts with this two or three times each day, and drink constantly a tea made by steeping the roots of Burdock and Narrow Dock, as much as is convenient, but if they are inward or blind piles, apply the balsam of Tamarack on cotton to the parts, and drink essence of fur every night. Infallible.

For Obstructed Menstruation

Take three parts of female flowers, commonly found by the side of ponds, leaf deep green, shaped like the Cowslip, flowers of bright yellow, this certainly is one of the best herbs in the world of females; two parts of Unkum, found in swamps, known by the name of Blood Gut, and one part of Indian Pink, boil them in fair water until the strength is all out, then strain and add to this as much Port Wine, or good Madeira, as will keep it from souring, and take a wine glass full there times each day, if the bowels are costive, use a little syrup of Elecampane, and I warrant you a speedy cure.

For Asthma

Take one ounce of Lobelia seed, one ounce skunk cabbage root, one ounce of garlic, half a pound of Seneca Snake root, half a pound of Spignut, half a pound of Parsley Root, one pound of Liquorices root, and the liver of a sheep or calf, or wolf; boil them all in one gallon of sweet wine, and three gallons of rainwater, till you reduce it one half, then bottle for use; dose one half a tablespoonful three  times each day one hour before eating. This has cured hundreds.


For Pleurisy

Take one fourth of an ounce of Lady Slipper, one fourth of an ounce of red pepper, one fourth of an ounce of coriander seed, one and one fourth ounce of ginger, pulverize them all together; dose one teaspoonful every fifteen minutes till the pain subsides, this will generally be in one hour, take pleurisy root  pulverized fine and steeped strong any quantity and take as the stomach will bear, till a sweat is brought on all over the body, then wear a flannel band around the abdomen a few days, and the cure is complete without weakening and debilitating the system by bleeding. This is infallible.

For Measles, Canker Rash or Chicken Pox

Take equals parts of Queen of the Meadow, white Snake root, Coltsfoot Snake root, Marigold and Saffron, steep them together and drink plentifully through the progress of the disease; a vomit of equal parts of thoroughwort and Lobelia, is necessary one in about three days, keep the body from exposures of cold or wet, and let the food be light and easy of digestion.

For Smallpox

Take half a pound of Saffron, half a pound of Spignut Root, one pound of Sarsaparilla, one fourth a pound of the seeds of young cedar or one ounce of the oil of cedar, one fourth pound of sage and make into one mass, then steep strong as much as you think you can consume in one day in decoction, it is best made fresh every day as liquor of any kind is injurious and it will not keep longer in warm weather without spirits. This may be taken in any quantity at any stage of the disease, and has never been known to fail when the patient is kept clean and warm. If the patient should, by accident or imprudence, take cold it is necessary to take 10 to 15 large onions, roast them, pressing out the juice and let the patient drink the whole at once and apply the pressed pumice to the feet and he will soon be in a profuse sweat. This is infallible.

For Costiveness

Take equal parts of Balmony, Elecampane, Spignut, Gentian, Ginseng, Indian Turnip, and Tomatoes, boil them all in a quantity of fair water, boil it down to the consistency of new milk, then add one fourth of good wine, and bottle for use; dose tablespoonful three times each day before eating. This is one of the best preparations in this Medical Material.

For Cholera Morbus

Take equal parts of Indian Turnip, Cayenne Pepper, Prickly Ash Berries, half part of Spearmint, half part of Horsemint, half part of Bayberry bark, half part of Sage, boil in four quarts of water down one half, let it be well sweetened with loaf sugar, and a little Brandy; dose half teaspoonful every half hour, till relief is obtained. The patient ought to also have an injection of Slippery Elm, with one fourth teacupful of the above in it. When this is strictly attended to, it never fails to relieve.

For Consumption

This disease is one of the worst diseases that attend the human frame, and is the most obstinate to subdue, and for this reason there are many old women and quacks prescribing specifies for it, but when tested probe efficient for the malady, the patient generally sinks under the most skillful treatment when deeply seated. I believe the only remedy is death, but as we are all anxious to try every means when death stares us in the face, I give you the following for trial, it has cured many diseases of the breast and lungs, but I believe it never cured the consumption when seated. Take first one part Elecampane, one part Spignut, one part Sage, one part Horehound, one part Yellow Parilla, one part Golden Seal, one part Solomon’s Seal, half part Gum Myrrh, half part Gum Guaiacum, half part Tamarack Gum, all boiled in rain water, then put one gill of wine to every pint, also take one quart St. Croix Rum and one pint of Honey, Alum which will be the size of an egg, boil and skim as long as there is any froth, then bottle for use; dose one tablespoonful three times each day, with the above syrup.

For Influenza

Take one ounce of Cinnamon, half ounce of Cloves, half ounce of Hemlock bark, half ounce of Gum Arabic, mix all together in one quart of boiling water, take half a teacupful three or four times an hour, till you are in a profuse sweat, the take less as the occasion requires. Make mucilage of Elm or Blue Flag, and drink plentifully, also sweat the throat with Sage and Hops, bathe the feet in Saleratus and Vinegar and keep warm. This is a good recipe and seldom fails.

For Coughs

Take one ounce of Meadow Cabbage, one ounce Lobelia, half ounce of Indian Turnip, one fourth ounce of Blood Root, a handful of Horehound, one fourth ounce of Elecampane, and the weight of the whole purified Honey, pulverize the ingredients and mix them up, and let the patient take what the stomach will bear, till well.

For Palsy

First let the patient thoroughly cleanse the blood with Burdock Root, then take one ounce of Umbel, called Lady Slipper, half a pound of Angle Worms, half pint of spirits of Turpentine, fourth of a pound of Lobelia Seed, one ounce oil origanum, one ounce oil of Spruce, one ounce of Cinnamon , four green frogs alive, put these all in a stone vessel, under a heap of rotten manure, well stopped up for ten days, then take it out and strain it, and rub the afflicted parts with it and wrap the parts in flannel as warm as can be borne, let the patient drink plenty of Sage, Pennyroyal, or Horsemint Tea, for a constant drink, and I warrant them a speedy cure.

For Gout

Take the buds of the balm of Gilead, and put them in alcohol, then apply to the affected parts, (inwardly,) take Queen of the Meadow Roots one ounce, hemp one ounce, of Spignut one ounce, steep them and mix in one bottle of Sarsaparilla Syrup, take sufficient to keep the bowels laxative. This is certain.

For Rheumatism

Take one ounce of Cayenne Pepper, four ounces of Ginger, two ounces of Cinnamon, two ounces of Cloves, one ounce of Gum Guaiacum, one ounce of Gum Myrrh, one gallon fourth proof spirits, let them stand by the fire for ten days before bottling, then place them in corked vessels and take one wine glass full three times each day, before eating. Rubefacient for the surface, boil one pound of Red Pepper, in one gallon of Vinegar and wash every night just before going to bed, also wear flannel next to the skin continually.

For Quinsy

First take a flannel cloth and wet it in strong boiling Vinegar and apply it around the neck, repeat this often as it gets dry, then take one pint of Brewer’s Yeast and let the patient take one tablespoonful every few minutes and gargle the mouth with the same, and swallow some; do this till the whole is gone and with it your Quinsy is gone.

For Whooping Cough

Take equal parts of Elecampane, Skunk Cabbage, Horehound, and Spignut, and boil till you extract the strength, then strain and boil down again to the consistence of tar, then add twice its weight of pure Honey, and out in warm oven till well baked, let the patient take half teaspoonful often through the day. This is sure.

For Croup

This is very fatal among children. The best remedy for it is, equal parts Blood Root, Lobelia, Garlic, Skunk Cabbage, Elecampane, Sage, and Thoroughwort or Seneca Snake Root, or if the whole cannot be had, Lobelia Tincture will do alone, or Lobelia and Mullen Roots in decoction; give as much as possible, as the stomach will immediately eject any of these articles in this disease.

For Rickets

Drink a strong tea of Sage, and Sweet Fern, and sleep on a bed made of the same until well, wash often in Saleratus and strong Cider or Vinegar.

For Liver Complaint

Take equal parts of Tomatoes, Balmony, Yellow Poplar, Spignut, Saffron, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Queen of the Meadow, make an extract of these and pill with unicorn, take three to five daily. Infallible.

For Jaundice

Take equal parts of White Snake Root, Burdock, Narrow Dock, Dandelion and Cowslip Blows, steep them together and drink as much as you can until well. This is a sure cure.

For Difficulty of Urine

Take Clivers, Queen of the Meadow, Gravelwort, Water Brier, and Brook Lime, steep them in boiling water, let them steep until all the strength is out, then let it cool and drink this for a constant drink. This will be certain, it never fails.

For Gleet

Take Bloodroot, Cocash, Water Brier, Unkum, Burdock, Raspberry Leaves, and White Snake Root, steep strong, and drink what the stomach will bear, for a wash take Lobelia Seed, Gum Myrrh, Gum Guaiacum, and oil of Cedar, put them in alcohol and use two or three times each day. Infallible.

For Venereal

Take Burdock, Narrow Dock, Yarrow, Knott Grass, Clivers, Bloodroot, in equal parts, half part of water brier, half part Jacob’s Ladder, half part Wormwood, half part Lobelia Herb, boil all in rain water so as to make one gallon about the consistency of new milk, then add as much sugar as will preserve it, and drink daily what the stomach will bear. If there is Costiveness, take frequent doses of Lime Water, make a wash with Tincture of Lobelia, and Spirits of Turpentine, use it often, take a new cloth every time, and never put the cloth in the wash, but pour the liquid on the cloth, and then after using it throw it away, change the linen often, and this is a sure cure in the worst cases.

For Whites

Make a syrup of Unkum, Bloodgut, Knott Grass, Yarrow, House Plantain, Raspberry Leaves, and Rue, boil the whole in fair water, sufficient to extract the strength, then strain and add to each a quart a pound of loaf sugar, one pound pure Honey, one pint Port Wine, and take two tablespoons full three times each day before eating, steam the parts with a flannel soaked in liquor in which Hazel Leaves have been boiled, (that is water, understand) apply this three or four times if the occasion requires.

For Nervous Affections

Take one ounce Lobelia Seed, one ounce Cayenne, one ounce Solomon’s Seal, one ounce Blue Violet Roots, one ounce of Spignut, two ounces Yellow Poplar, handful of Beech Drops, the same quantity of Indian Pipe or Fit Root, put the whole in four quarts of Holland Gin, by the fire, lightly corked seven days, then strain and add four pounds of molasses, or Brown Sugar, and pour two quarts of rain water, bottle for use. This is infallible.

For Ulcers Anywhere On the Body

Wash the complaining parts with Lobelia Tincture every day, and make an ointment of green frogs, Shrub, Maple, Spignut Root, Gumfrey, White Elder Bark, and Blue Flag Root, two ounces of each to four green frogs, first steep the roots, barks and herbs in two pounds of hogs lard, then strain after boiling, and apply this daily to the ulcer; and the effect will astonish you.

For Sores

Take male hogs lard one pound, Spignut half pound, fourth of a pound of Solomon’s Seal, the extract of Dandelion one ounce, the Seed of Lobelia one ounce, one ounce Spirits of Turpentine, four ounces rosin, two ounces Beeswax; and make it into a salve and apply until well.

For Scrofula

Cleanse the blood with Burdock, and Black Alder Bark, and Tag Alder Bark, and Sassafras Bark and wash the surface with Tincture of Tony Seed, and Brewer’s Yeast, dry the parts well after using. This is simple and sovereign.

For Cleansing the Blood

Take Burdock Roots, brush them clean and slice them up, then put them in cold water and drink for common, or take Yellow Dock, and boil it in water and drink half a pint each day, or take decoction of Sassafras for a common drink, or Black Alder bark, or Tag Alder Bark, or Cucumber Bark, or Yellow Poplar Bark, in decoction, these are all very good and are best when used alternately.

For Pain in the Side

Make a plaster of Balsam of Canada or Tamarack and wear on the side, also drink a tea made of Bittersweet and Celandine. Infallible!

For Prolapsus Uteri

First let the patient be placed as near as possible in a horizontal position, and remain as much as is convenient in that position for eight to ten days, during which time there must be steeped in water Witch Hazel Leaves and Slippery Elm, and flannel cloths wet with this liquor, applied to the parts as often as they cool, they must be warm as can be borne. The patient must take as much Beth Root, pulverized as will fill a teaspoon, three times each day in half teacupful of the same liquor, also a free drink of either or all of the articles under the head of the recipe for cleansing the blood. The patient’s food must be light soups, or mucilage’s until the cure is affected, drastic purges must be avoided always.

For the Itch

Take one pound of Burdock Root, green, plus one pound of Yellow Dock Root and Tops, green, boil them in two quarts of water one hour, then strain and add fourth of a pound of Hogs Lard, two ounces of Sulfur, four ounces of Spirits of Turpentine, then boil again to the consistency of tar, wash all over first, the rub it in well by the fire just before going to bed, repeat this three times and then change your clothes and keep clean. This never fails.

For St. Anthony’s Fire

Take equal parts of Tory Weed, Lobelia Herb, Witch Hazel, Knott Grass, and Tag Alder Bark, green or dry, boil them strong, and wash the complaining parts, and let the patient drink at intervals a little syrup of Sarsaparilla. This is an immediate cure.

For Fever

First take an emetic of Lobelia, accompanied with stimulants so as to cause free perspiration, then relieve the bowels with some mild physic, Bitterroot is as good as any, this is the small milkweed, take one tablespoonful of the powdered root in a little water, and repeat as often as necessary until the evacuations are healthy. If the fever is not entirely broke, you must repeat the above; then make some bitters with Yellow Poplar, Balmony, and Black Cherry Bark, in wine or gin; this is the best way to cure fevers, as it neither needs to the lancet, nor Calomel; and is perfectly safe.

For Wheezing or Shortness of Breath

Take one ounce of Skunk Cabbage Root dry, one ounce of Mullen Root dry, and half pound of Liquorices Root, put them all in two quarts of Malaga Wine or Sweet Wine and exercise moderately.

For Wind in the Stomach

Take equal parts of Unicorn Root, Indian Turnip and Prickly Ash Berries, and pulverize them, taking one teaspoonful in a little liquor, and it is a very sure cure, or take one ounce of each of the above and put in one quart of Gin and take as occasion requires.

For Loss of Appetite

Make a syrup with equal parts White and Black Cohosh, half a part Golden Seal, half part of Bitterroot, half a part of Columbia Root, and put sufficient liquor in to preserve it. This restores the appetite in debilitated cases.

For Pain or Colic in the Bowels

Take Cayenne Pepper, Cloves, Unicorn, Dogwood Bark, and Prickly Ash Berries, equal parts of the Cayenne and put them all in Spirits sufficient to cover them, they will be fit to use the second day after making, or boil the bottle that has them in with the  liquor one hour, and they may be used; take one tablespoonful at a dose in a little water, repeat as often as necessary. This is also good for the Pleurisy; there is no danger if you use a dose every ten minutes, if the pain is not reduced, follow up until it is, then take physic.

For Bleeding at the Lungs

Make a syrup with one ounce of Red Beth Root, half an ounce of Bayberry Root in some water, in which Witch Hazel Leaves have been boiled in, one pint, then add half a pint of good Wine and Sugar or Honey, and take one tablespoonful every ten minutes until it abates or ceases, the take half a pint of yeast and boil it with the same quantity of Balsam of Tamarack and take one tablespoonful night and morning for ten days. A sure cure!

For Canker in the Mouth

Take Golden Seal, gold thread, Elecampane Roots, equal parts, then pulverize them and take one ounce of the mixture, and put to it one ounce of Alum pulverized and the whites of four eggs, then put them into a mortar and mix them well, and take a little in the mouth and keep moving it round until it is decomposed, then wash the mouth and repeat once an hour; it is also necessary to take an Emetic to cleanse the stomach.

For Worms

Take one ounce of Wormwood, one ounce Elecampane, half an ounce Lobelia, one ounce of Tamarack, Balsam, and one ounce of Sage, put the whole in one pint of Spirits of Turpentine and half a pound of Honey; these articles must stand in blood warm heat for one to two days, then pressed out and they are fit for use; one teaspoonful every hour for four hours for a child of five years old, is a proper dose in sweet milk, and varied according to age: it is best to give this in the morning and then directly afterwards give a dose of Castor Oil and the worms must be carried away if there is any.

For Polypus in the Nose

Wash the external parts with the Tincture of Lobelia daily, and make a snuff with equal parts Bloodroot, Ginger, Lobelia Seed, and Cloves, and with this kill the polypus, then pull it out, and syringe the parts with Tincture of Lobelia, or Mullen until well.

For Shrunk Sinews or Stiff Joints

First put in a copper vessel, one layer of hogs lard, and then one layer of wormwood, then again one layer of hogs lard, then a layer of Tanzey, then again a layer of lard, then a layer of green Melolet, then another layer of lard, then a layer of Bittersweet Bark, then another layer of lard, then cover the whole tight with a lid or a plate, let them simmer for four hours, then strain, and apply first the dregs in two separate parts to the joints affected, and the one above till it becomes cold, then throw it away and add to your ointment four green frogs, and half pint of Spirits of Turpentine, and again boil for four hours and strain; then bind on the frogs as before directed, by this time your ointment will be sufficiently cool to use. The ointment must be applied to the affected joint, and the one above, for a month or more if necessary. This will perform a cure in almost any case; keep the bowels open during the treatment with laxatives.

For Bleeding At the Nose

Take Birthroot, and Cranesbill; pulverized and snuff this up the nostrils, and I warrant you a speedy cure. They must be gathered and dried, then pulverized and mixed, and kept constantly on hand where there are persons afflicted with this simple disease, which sometimes proves fatal.

For Kings Evil

This disease may be cured with the plant by the same name, it grows in moist shady land, under most all kinds of timber throughout the United States, it is sometimes like Plantain, but the leaves are smaller, spotted green and white, it is a beautiful plant. When it goes to seed there is one stalk that comes up in the middle of the plant, about nine inches high; it carries the seed in a small round bud at the top of the whole of it, root, leaves and top and pound it soft; apply the poultice to the tumor, when it is broke apply the salve made from the same with Balsam of Fir, and male hogs lard, wash the parts in a strong decoction of the same daily, and drink of the tea night and morning. And this will never fail.

For Spitting Blood

Make a decoction of Cranesbill, Birthroot and Gill-Go-By –The-Ground in equal parts, steep them strong and drink as often as three or four times each day; this is cooling, abstersive, and vulnerary, and is the best compound for this complaint in the world.

For Hysterics

Take a quantity of Mountain Tea, White Root, and Unkum Root, in equal parts, pound them, and make them into pills with Canada Balsam and Yellow Poplar; take two or three of these pills  when the disorder is coming on; it seldom fails to arrest it in its progress.

For Canker Rash

Pulverize White Birthroot, and give the patient small doses, four or five times each day; for the fever give Sage or Pennyroyal Tea with some laxative medicine. This is an excellent remedy.

To Stop a Sore Throat from Coming To A

Head and To Carry It Away

Sweat it with flannel cloths, dipped in hot brine, the cloths must be changed as often as they get cold for three hours, and then washed in alcohol, and bound in flannel, repeat this five or six times, and then take Shrub-Maple, and drink some of the decoction, and wash with the same. Burdock Roots are very good to purify the blood and assist in curing this disease.


To Cure a Wen

Take one pound of lead and boil it in one quart of water, then take the whites of eggs and mix with it to make into an ointment. Bind this with a cotton cloth. This will certainly cure the Wen.


For Lockjaw

When a person is taken with the Lockjaw, give half a teaspoonful of the pulverized bud of Lobelia with the same quantity of Indian Turnip in a little warm water, repeat this every fifteen minutes. Place the feet in a tub of warm water and wash the head with the stimulating liniment, the after the operation of the Lobelia, place them in a warm bed and place a hot stone to the feet wrapped in wet flannel with the same to his side. This never fails; repeat if necessary.


To Stop Vomiting

Give the patient as much Poland Starch as he can conveniently take or take a handful of grass, pound it fine and put water to it then let it be pressed; give the patient as much  as a gill once in half an hour. Repeat until you have accomplished your objective. The first is the best remedy in the world.


A Sure Cure For Women’s Sore Nipples

When the infant stops nursing, apply a plaster of Canada balsam or balm of Tamarack; this cures in less than a week. Or, apply the tincture of Lobelia as a wash to the breast, or wild cabbage leaves, over the fire, and put half a dozen on the breast at a time, steep it three or four times.


For Convulsion Fits

Take any quantity of Indian Pipe, steep and drink as much as the stomach will bear three or four times a day, then make a syrup of the same and sweeten with sugar, taking a wine glass full every morning. This is an Indian remedy and well approved by all who have seen it used.



For Stoppage of Water

Take a quantity of water brier, Jacob’s Ladder, Queen of the Meadow, Parsley and Horseradish; put them in old cider and drink a glass three or four times a day.


For Apoplexy

The tincture of Nicotine drawn with rectified French Brandy may be given to the patient, which instantly causes a great quantity of mucous to come out of the head and afford  a considerable relief, particularly if the remedy is repeated two or three times.

  One can also give the extract of bam mint from one scruple to one drachm; or of the water of the same plant from two to six ounces.

  Likewise, real Queen Hungary water, from one to two drachms; or spirits of wine, from one to three drachms; do not less relieve the patient.


Balsam to Cure Sores

Take some flowers and leaves of Hypercom or St. John’s Wort, of Valerian, of Sage, and of two sorts of Aristolochia, round and long, about the same quantity of each; add to it a sufficient quantity of oil of Turpentine or oil of Roses and boil the whole on a slow fire during one hour, afterwards strain and press your balsam and put into a glass or earthen vessel and use the same as required.


Balsam to Ease Pains

You must take nettles and Plantain leaves, and of the large Daisy, of each three handfuls with ten pounds of oil of Acorn, and two quarts of the best white wine; put the whole together into a glass vessel, after having well pounded the herbs in a mortar, and having covered the vessel, put it to infuse on some hot ashes during twenty-four hours, and then cook it on a slow fire, until the wine is almost consumed; then strain and press well your Balsam and keep it as above to make use of in liniment for all kinds of pains.


Balsam for All Kinds of Pains

Take Laurel Leaves, Wormwood Sprouts, Marigold Flowers and Leaves, of each two handfuls; cut them all very fine; Sprouts of fine Sage and of Rosemary flowers and leaves, of each three handfuls, and eight handfuls of Juniper berries; put the whole in a glazed earthen pot and after having poured over it a quantity of sweet oil so as to cover the whole about an inch, cause it to infuse amongst some very hot horse dung, during several days, then you cook it over a very slow fire, and after it is done, you must add to it a small quantity of yellow beeswax, a small glass of Brandy and one dozen of Cloves; stir well the whole, and let it take a little boiling over the fire, and then strain it through a strong linen, pressing the ground well, and keep it for use in an earthen pot.

A Cataplasm to Resolve All Sores & Tumors

Take on handful of Grapevine Branch ashes, which you will put to infuse into a pint of good White Wine over hot ashes during fifteen or sixteen hours. In this colature, dilute a small handful of Rye Meal with the Bran in, to make with it a kind of mush. Spread the cataplasm on a Red Cabbage leaf passed over the fire, of the like size of the afflicted part, and apply over it a warm cloth in several folds.


For Swellings and Inflammations

Take one pint of good Wine, some crumbs of white bread, or such as you can get, and a spoonful of oil of sage; make with the whole a mush, which you will apply hot two to three times a day. When it is to apply to a sore breast, the oil of Roses is not necessary.


To Cause Sore Breasts to Open

Take two handfuls of Sorrel; put it into an earthen pot, with a piece of fresh butter the size of an egg, one or two spoonfuls of Verjuice. Boil the whole together, until it is done, take it from the fire, and put into some leaven of the size of two walnuts, when it is no more than lukewarm, take a little of it, and apply on the sick part, after having previously greased it with oil of Roses, and change it three times a day. You must never break the sore when it is on the breast, but let it break itself.


To Appease Pains

Take half a pound of the meal of Windsor Beans, two handfuls of well pounded Wheat Bran, two handfuls of Ox Dung, Wormwood Leaves, Chamomile Flowers and Melilot (Sweet Clover), one handful and a half, oil of Roses, and of Anise seed of each two ounces, clear Lye of ashes as much as will be necessary; the whole well pounded and put to boil altogether, and stir it until it thickens, you will then spread it on tow, and apply it warm to the afflicted part, and change it twice a day, until a cure takes place.


For Pains and Swellings

Take some Province Roses, Port Wine, Wheat Bran and Oil of Roses, and make of it a Cataplasm, and apply it as warm as you can bear it on the sick part.


For Complaints about the Ears

This complaint is a swelling that comes under the ears and that goes down to the neck; here are the remedies to cure it. Take a Lily Onion and cut it, then cook it with half a glass of oil of Violet, and the same quantity of Wine, until the wine is consumed; afterwards throw into it half a handful of Marshmallows cut fine, the yellow of an egg and some Rye flour, until the whole be capable of forming a cataplasm, to be applied warm on the disease; it must be changed three times, then the patient must be bled. Lily Oil with some Black Sheep’s Wool is also proper for it. It is also necessary to purge the patient with Glysters.


For Sore Breasts

Take one spoonful and a half of Rye Flour, which you will dilute with a gill of white wine, let it boil three or four bubblings, then take it off the fire, and put into it a large handful of ashes of the branches of Grapevine, a little Tallow, and a little of Turpentine of Venice. Boil it again three or four bubblings and stir it constantly until it is of a consistency to make cataplasms. This causes the sore to open, without being obliged to make use of the lancet. Hereafter and in the article of plaster, will be found other remedies to ripen and resolve a posthumed breast and for other complaints of the same.


For Cancers

Take a large Red Onion, roast it well, take Pocoon Root finely powdered; mix this powder of the root with the onion, which must be well beaten, in the proportion of a teaspoonful to one onion: make of this a plaster just large enough to cover the sore. If really a cancer, this will produce great pain, yet the patient must not be alarmed, but repeat this every twelve hours, until the body of the cancer assumes a deep purple or black color. Two plasters will generally affect this. The next preparation is this:

  Take young Poke Root roasted, one handful, add one spoonful of Jamestown Seed powdered, about the same quantity of Boars Tusk Root; (this root ought to be kept soaked in water); beat these well together, then moisten this compound with the water from which the root is taken, and apply it night and morning. This is for the purpose of drawing out the cancer. Care must be taken not to force it out only as a plaster itself affects it, as much an operation would tend to break the small roots before they are entirely killed. If they are not entirely destroyed it may be known in eight or ten days as inflammation will take place; in such a case, the first preparation may again be used, and continue to be used once in ten days, until all the roots are destroyed, then the plaster will heal the sore.

  Any careful person may perform the cure of cancers by a strict attention to the above direction.


Another for Cancers

Another evidence of the efficacious quality of pipsissiway in curing cancers; James Lewis, of this country, has called upon me, and wishes me to make known, that he was cured of a very large and painful cancer, by use of pipsissiway tea, a strong decoction of the same which he applied to the sore, in the space of three weeks time; the cancer was on his cheek, the scar of which is still visible, and shows it to have increased to an alarming degree. He likewise affirms that it will cure other eruptions.

For Windy Colic

Take Acorn Oil, from two drachms to one ounce, or else the Acorn itself grated with its shell, likewise from one to four scruples, which will wonderfully relieve the patient from pains, by dissipating all winds that caused them. It is to be taken in a glass of white wine. Some Nutmegs grated in broth, affords a great relief, or oil of anise seed from one to six drops.


For Bilious and Windy Colic

Take twelve to fifteen leeks, cut them into bits, put them in  a kettle and cook them in a quart of vinegar, during three or four hours; when they are done, take them up with a skimmer, and apply them with your hand, on the skin where the pain lies, and towards the heart; dip afterwards, a napkin, which you will fold in four double, in the vinegar that has remained in the kettle, and put it over the said leeks; bind the whole with another dry napkin, and you will keep yourself laying on your back during two hours; after which you will take a glister with honey.


For Nephritic Colic, Phlegm, Sand, Stone in the Reins,

Or In the Bladder, Or Other Complaints

Take Nephritic Wood the weight of two ounces, which is sold by druggists, cut it in the finest and thinnest manner possible, and put it in a small glass bottle, pour over it some of the best Brandy made of wine, until it covers the said Nephritic Wood, three good fingers breadth: leave it in the infusion during three or four days until the Brandy has entirely drawn the virtue of said wood; and whenever any person is attacked with the accidents common to that disease, as extraordinary swellings of the belly with pains, pains about the reins and ureters, or inclination to vomiting, take a finger’s breadth in a glass of that infusion, which will much relieve, but if the complaint be too tenacious apply over the region of the ureters some small bags filled with Pellitory boiled in white wine; nevertheless, without the help of these said small bags, the virtue of this infusion will manifest itself, by the ejection that will take place with the urine, that will be thick and of grayish cast, and sometimes mixed  with sand, gravel or stone that caused the pain. This remedy may be repeated more than once in order to obtain more relief.


For Cholera-Morbus

Every year being extremely fatal to children, as such numbers of them have been swept away by the Flux and Cholera, or vomiting and purging; the following remedy for the cure of these diseases will be acceptable.  Take oil of Pennyroyal, two drops  to a tablespoonful of molasses, after being well stirred up, let one teaspoonful be administered every hour until it has the desired effect, which from experience, I can assure safely the public, will be found in every case of the above disorder to be a speedy and certain cure. For a grown person the dose may be doubled and given in the same manner.



Toast or brown in a vessel, as you would coffee, four tablespoonfuls of Oatmeal, pour on it a pint of boiling water, add sugar to make it agreeable.

  If the child is not too young, let it drink of it, grounds and all stirred together. It is believed that this toasted Oatmeal Tea is scarcely ever ejected from the stomach, on which it lies light, and to which it proves exceedingly grateful. For the information of the poorer class of citizens it is requisite to mention that Oatmeal can be produced at any of the druggist’s shops.


For Cracked Hands

In the first place wash your hands in warm water, the rub on common soap thoroughly, and scour the hands about two minutes with hot ashes, then wash them again in warm water. This repeated a few times will affect a cure and keep the hands soft and pliable.


For Diarrhea and Complaint of the Bowels

In case of a bilious diarrhea, one may make use with a happy success during a few days in the mornings, of a dose prepared with two ounces of the oil of sweet almonds, one ounce of lemon juice, and four ounces of Plantain water.

  Distilled water of Acorn, impregnated with its fixed salt, and often given to the patient at the weight of two ounces, with one ounce of Red Poppy Syrup; stop in a short time, not only the lax but also (in women) the whites  and excessive menstrous flux. One may also make use of the greatest part of the remedies proper to the following sickness.


For The Dysentery

Take of Walnut Oil extracted without fire, two ounces, the same quantity of Rose water, beat them well together, and give to the patient in the morning fasting, two hours afterwards, he must take a bowl full of boiled milk, with salt or sugar, and he will receive a quick relief.


For Dropsy

Take about two large teacups full of Bohea Tea, infuse it in a quart of water, and during the day, the decoction is to be drank, and the leaves eaten.


Another for the Same

Take a gallon of fresh strong beer about milk warm,  and mix a handful of Horseradish bruised, a handful of Fennel Roots bruised, a handful of Parsley Roots and tops, a handful of Burdock Roots, a handful of the bark of the roots of Elder, a handful of Spice Wood, a handful of Watercress, a handful of Sarsaparilla, all to be bruised and put into the beer, with a sufficient quantity of yeast to work it. Let it stand twenty-four hours, then strain it and it will be fit for use.


Another for the Same

Take two large handfuls of Fern, scrape it a little to take off the dirt, and put it to boil in a large pitcher of water during two hours. It is used at meals like other water. You must make use of the Fern that has but one branch, because the sort that has many branches is not proper.


For The Same

Almost all persons afflicted with the Dropsy are cured by taking through the mouth or in glister, every third day a decoction of Wormwood and Polyploidy.


Ptisan or Tea, For the Dropsy

Take some root of large Nettles, that are yellow, with some marrow of Elder, one handful of Dandelion leaves, and dog’s grass root, boil the whole in three quarts of water, until reduced to two quarts, and let the patient drink one glass of it every morning fasting. At his meals, some maybe mixed with wine, and must drink of it, as often as he is thirsty.


For The Same

Take one large handful of Parsley, Wild Succory Roots, and Fennel Roots, and one handful of Sage. You must pick out the strings or cords that are in the roots, and boil the whole in eight quarts of spring water in a new glazed pot, and let it consume to one half; then strain it through a linen cloth; put up this water in vials well stopped. The patient must take, fasting, one glass of it, into which glass you must have put two fingers breadth of good white wine, that it be neither sweet nor tart, and the patient must not eat for three hours after; the same dose must be repeated three hours  after dinner, and the same  regimen observed  and continued until a cure takes place.


For The Same

Take some Chervil, pound it, the soak the juice and the herb in a gill of wine during one night, then strain it and give it to the patient. This is likewise a sovereign remedy for the cure of the dropsy.


For The Same

Three scruples of Loadstone Powder, taken with Fennel juice will securely cure the dropsy.

  Glysters made of the decoction of Thistle with urine, cure the dropsy if that remedy be often repeated. Here follows another remedy well proved: take lard and wolf’s liver, one drachm and a half of each, they being pounded, mix them with syrup of Sea Wormwood and make of the whole eighteen pills; the patient afflicted with the dropsy must take three of them in the morning while fasting, and he will happily recover.


For Cure of the Epilepsy

Take some of the afterbirth of a woman, wash and pound it well, afterwards mix it with Rye Flour in order to make bread with it, and bake it in an oven. The patient must take the weight of half an ounce of it to eat morning and evening every first day of the first quarter of the moon.

  The most part of the remedies that have been given for the apoplexy may also be used in this case; therefore, they may be resorted to when necessary.


Against The Same

As soon as a child is born and before it takes anything else, if you make it swallow half a scruple of Coral in powder, it is given for certain, that the child will never be afflicted with the Epilepsy.


For The Same

Take some Wheat Flour that you will mix with dew, make of it a cake, which being baked, give it to the patient and he will get well.


Another for the Same

If you cut and open the young ones of the swallows of the first next; you will find in their Ventricle, two small stones, one of which is all in one color, and the other of several colors; before they touch the ground, shut them up in a piece of goat or deerskin, and tie them on the arm or neck: they will cure the patient of the Epilepsy.


For Sore Eyes

Pour into a large long necked bottle, one pint of water of roses, Fennel water and Euphrasia water, of each two ounces, thirty grains of Cloves, the same quantity of Rosemary flowers, half an ounce of sugar candy, conserve of Roses, a pinch of Provins Roses. Stop your vessel well, put it to digest five or six days, and expose it to the sun from the month of June to the month of August; after which strain the liquor through a white linen cloth, without pressing it, and keep it under a glass vessel well corked. Make use of it in the disease mentioned above, in rubbing with it the afflicted part and applying over it a linen cloth dipped in this water.

For The Flux

Mix vinegar and salt together, and drink a small quantity of it frequently, which will be an immediate and effectual cure. I had opportunities of seeing this cure tried, and never knew it to fail. I have even known it to cure those whose bowels physicians had declared to be mortified.


For The Bloody Flux or Looseness of the Bowels

Take the juice of Elderberries, when it is well ripe; pass them through a cloth or serge, in order the better to clean it, afterwards take some good Wheat Flour, as much as you think proper, and make use of that juice instead of water, to make of them some small loaves,  which you will put in an oven with other bread to bake,  taking care that they do not burn, owing to their small size; if they are not dry at the first baking, they must be put in the oven a second time, in order that they become as dry within as without, to be put in powder: afterwards, make of them some small packages, or papers, after having passed it through a fine sieve. The dose and quantity to be given, is the weight of one ounce for grown persons; and for children the fourth part of that dose, say a quarter of an ounce.


For Bloody Flux and Looseness

Take one gill of Water of Roses, infuse in it two ounces of Roses of Provins, during twelve hours, on some warm ashes, then strain it and put into it the weight of one ounce of Rhubarb, cut in small pieces, infuse the whole twelve hours longer, then having strained and pressed it, put in a skillet over the fire, with two ounces of Sugar, to make a syrup.

  The patient must, on the first day, take two spoonfuls of it, fasting, and one spoonful every day, he must be one hour and a half after taking the dose, without eating, and continue  the same treatment until the complaint ceases; this remedy is infallible.


For Bloody Flux Only

You must take in the morning, in an egg, cooked in the usual way, half a spoonful of a small seed  of the Silverweed, (a plant) that is usually found amongst seeds men, after having well stirred and mixed it with the egg, and repeat the same two or three times; this performs wonders in a very short time.


For the Same at All Times

Take a newly laid egg, and beat well together the yellow and white; then with some Wheat Flour, make a kind of a cake, and while you are making the dough, grate Nutmeg amongst it: the dough being well made, and the whole well worked and stirred, bake this cake between ashes, then give it hot juts out of the fire to the patient; he must while eating it drink two  or three times either wine or gin.

For A Looseness in the Bowels

Take some powdered Panic (a sort of Corn) and give it to the patient to drink with wine and he will recover. The same Panic, being boiled with Goat’s Milk, and eat twice a day, morning and evening will operate the same.


For The Same

Take some green Horse Beans, with their shells on, boil them with vinegar; eat them so with their shells and the looseness will stop.


For The Same

Take some green Oak Acorns, bruise them well with their shells and by the means of a still, draw some water from it, of which you will give to the patient: this remedy is very salutary.

  The remedies that have already been described for the dysentery and looseness can likewise be used.


To Strengthen the Legs and Feet

To make fomentations for the legs, thighs and feet, make a decoction of Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, Chamomile Flowers and Melilot, stewed in white or red wine; or else make some Lye with Oak Leaves, a little Vinegar and a half  a handful of Salt.

  This decoction has the virtue to subsidize, attenuate, cut, resolve, dissipate and dry the gross and viscous humours.


For The Gout

Take snake headed irs, Scammony, White Turbith, Liquorices, Cinnamon, and half a drachm of each; of the ingredients more or less, but always in equal quantity. Reduce the whole to powder and pass it through a fine sieve. The patient must take the weight of half an ounce, or one fourth less, that will depend on the difficulty he has of being purged. This powder must be soaked in the evening in half a glass of white wine, and on the following morning, mix whole well  and let the patient take it two hours after  a broth. He must keep his room.


For The Same

Press some Green Olives before they are ripe, and extract the oil, which must be kept in a bottle, into which you put some Henbane Leaves, so that  the oil covers them a great deal; and the whole must be kept well shut up. This oil is excellent at the end of two months, it must be applied lukewarm over the part afflicted with pains, and it will appease them. It moreover prevents a pain, if it be applied when there is none.



Plaster for the Gout

Oil of Roses, one drachm, Burgundy Pitch and Black Pitch, two drachms of each; Saffron, two scruples; Opium dissolved in cow’s milk, three scruples, Pepper, one drachm; and make of all these things a plaster in the usual way.


Cataplasm for Gout

Take some crumbs of Wheat Bread and Goat’s Milk, eight ounces of each, House Leek Juice, one ounce, the yolks of three eggs and a half drachm of Saffron; make of the whole a cataplasm and make use of it.


Against The Gonorrhea

Take an equal amount of Sorrel, Renufar, running Thistles and Strawberry Roots; make a Ptisan or a tea of them.


For Inflammation of the Reins

Take Oil of Roses, one drachm, White Wax washed with rose water, and melted, two drachms; mix the whole together and make an ointment of it, which you make use of in anointing the region of the reins.


For Indigestion and Lubricity of the Bowels

Take one ounce of dried Orange Peel, fine powdered; divide it into scruples, and take one scruple at a time, drink a glass of wine after it. This is a medicine not disgusting, not costly, easily tried, and if not found useful, easily left off. Do not take too much in haste; a scruple once in three hours or above five scruples a day, will be sufficient to begin, or less, if you find any aversion. Best without sugar; if syrup, old syrup of quinces, but even that I do not like; I think better of conserve of sloes.


For Jaundice

Cook a whole Lime, under hot ashes; then cut it and put it to soak in white wine; which  the patient must drink in the morning fasting.


For The Jaundice on the Face,

Proceeding From the Overflowing Of the Gall

Take a large white Onion, in which you will make a hole on the germ, in throwing  the green part away,; put in that hole, the size of a Chestnut of good treacle, bake it slowly before the fire, but take care it is not burnt or roasted, or get dirty amongst  the ashes. When it will be done, put it in white linen, and press well the juice out of it; the patient must drink it in the morning, fasting, and during twenty days. The Jaundice and paleness will disappear.

For The Yellow Jaundice

Parch Indian corn, and eat freely of it; I have known this to cure when no other medicine would; I am a witness of three who have been perfectly cured by use of the above.


For The Same

Take a large handful of the bark of the Black Alder; scraped or cut small, boil it in a quart of sound hard Cider; let the patient drink freely of it when cold.


For The Lockjaw

Dip the part afflicted in a quantity of warm Lye, as strong as possible; but if it be a part of the body, which cannot be immersed, rub the part afflicted with a flannel soaked in the Lye. This has never failed in one instance.


To Repair The Liver When Unpure

Take one handful of Smeallage, the same quantity of Sage, and Colt’s Foot, pound it well, afterwards, put into it one quart of white wine, then strain the whole through a cloth. Let the patient take of it during three days, on the morning, fasting, and let him not eat for two hours after.


Against Deafness

The juice of Cabbage, dropped in the ear, affords a wonderful relief against deafness that may come through causes of sickness.


For Bruised Nerves

Take some Deer marrow and melt it with French Brandy then rub the painful parts with it.


An Ointment for New Sores

Take half a pound of Venice Turpentine, Laurel Oil, one drachm, Sage Juice, two drachms, Gum Elemi, half a drachm; with which make an ointment.


An Ointment for Sores and Pricking

Turpentine of Venice, two drachms, White Wax and Oil of Roses, two scruples each, Bethony Juice, half a pound; of the whole make an ointment Secundum Artem.


To Purge the Brain

Take some Goat’s Milk and draw it in through your nose, three or four times; this will entirely remove from the brain all obstruction.


For Headache

The water that comes out of a walnut tree, after an incision has been made in them, the quantity of one ounce drank at intervals, appeases in a short time the headache, however violent.


For Bleeding At the Nose

Put one drop of Vinegar in the ear of the person whose nose is bleeding, on the side of the nostril through which the blood comes out. This will stop it.


For Loss of Blood in Women

Take some Pervinca, let it get dry and reduce it to powder. The patient must take the weight of half an ounce of it with some broth, fasting.


Plaster against Hardness of Breasts

It is made with Horse Beans Meal, and Barley Meal, half an ounce of each, Flax seed and Sangreen Meals, six drachms of each and one scruple of Saffron.


For Tumors and Inflammations of the Breast

Take a small handful of Plantain and Mallow Leaves, boil them in a sufficient quantity of Rose Water until it is consumed to a thickness, afterwards, add to it two ounces of Barley Flour, one ounce and a half  of Oil of Roses, of the whole form a plaster.


For Swellings, Arising From Dropsy or Other Causes

You must have a great quantity of Elder bark, boil them with three quarts of white wine until they are reduced to two quarts; afterwards strain and press them hard, and drink of it morning and evening.


Plaster for a Swelling in the Knees

Take some cow dung, and vinegar, mix them together and boil them until  some thickness; then apply this plaster on the afflicted part; the swelling will soon disappear, as it  has often been experienced.


For Pains in the Breast

Take one pint of water, put it into a pan or kettle, and add to it one handful of Wheat Bran with an fine sugar the size of an egg; let the whole together take one boiling; then strain it, and let the patient drink this water as hot as he can bear it. This remedy must be repeated several times per day.


For A Weak Breast and Lungs

Make often use of Damas Raisins, boiled in wine during one quarter of an hour, and in a short time your breast will recover its strength.


Cabbage Syrup for the Breast and Lungs

Take some cabbages, and pound them with their leaves and stalks, strain it, and add the same weight of very good honey. Boil the whole together, and skim it continually and when it does not skim any more, the syrup will be done. One spoonful of it is sufficient to be taken, fasting.


To Extirpate Warts

Take an equal quantity of brown soap, and spittle: mix the whole together, and make a plaster of it; apply it on the warts and leave it on them twenty-four hours; then take it off, and at the same time, the warts and roots will come off.


For Warts on the Hands

Pound some Horseradish Roots and wash the warts with it two or three times a day.


To Cause the Warts, In Whatever Part They Be, To Fall Off

Take a Sheep Lung, newly killed, let the blood drain from it and as soon as there is no more blood on it, press the lung in a press; some water will come out; keep this water in a glass bottle and rub the warts with it and they will disappear.


An Ointment for Falls, Wounds, Contusions, Cuts & etc.

Take four pounds of mice dung, pound them and put them  in a new pot glazed inside; add to it one pound of fresh butter; boil the whole during a short time and strain it through a linen, and in this liquid put two ounces of turpentine and finish boiling the whole. This is a wonderful ointment.


For Palsy

Make a decoction of Apex, one ounce of it, and boil it a little longer than one quarter of an hour, the patient must take a glass of it before meals. This remedy must be continued one year before it can perform a perfect cure.


For The Same

Take a young kid, dress it, stuff its belly with one pound of Cloves, roast it on the spit and with the grease that will come out, rub the afflicted part., Instead of a kid, take a very fat Duck, and prepare it in the same manner as mentioned above for the kid. This remedy is well proved.


For The Pleurisy

The remedy for this disease is very easy. A cataplasm made with dregs of wine, must be put on paper as hot as the patient can bear it on the afflicted part. This affords a wonderful relief, which is followed with a general perspiration, and a cure in a short time will take place.


For The Same

This remedy is not less efficacious than that which we have just give, it consists in making a cold infusion, during three or four hours in a gill of white wine, some fresh  and yet warm balls of Horse Dung after having broken them in pieces. The wine is afterwards strained, and given to the patient who will not fail to get cured through perspiration.


For the Inflammation of the Lungs and Spleen

The patient must constantly drink of a tea made with Speekwell; a little sugar must be added to it. The patient must not be bled. This potion or tea provokes the urine.

  Or else, make a tea with Viper’s Grass and let the patient drink constantly of it. This tea causes a great perspiration and the spitting of the abscess should there be any in the breast. This remedy is also good for the smallpox.


For The Same

Boil some Flaxseed with Ewes Milk and apply it often and warm on the swelling.


Against Rheumatism

You must boil on the fire a glass of the urine of the person afflicted with it, then, bathe the afflicted part; afterwards, dip a linen folded double in the urine, apply it on the pain and tie it up.

  This remedy consumes and dissipates the humours entirely.


For The Same

The afflicted part must be rubbed  before the fire with a linen, and take some Elder Oil in which five or six drops of spirits of wine have been mixed, rub with it the pain every morning and evening with a greasy towel and applied on the painful part when the patient is going to bed.


For Scalds and Burns

As soon as the accident has happened, take a plaster of tar, the size of the wound, and apply it on the place affected. By this simple application, which has been often tried and never found wanting, the inflammation will be found to subside, and the pain to cease in a few minutes.


For Sore Throat

Take some Rye Flour, boil it in a pint of milk, during half a quarter of an hour, then take two Lily Onions and make a cataplasm of it, which must be applied lukewarm about the throat: it causes a wonderful effect.


To Dissolve the Apothems and Abscesses That Come About the Throat

You must have some dry Ass Dung and Swallow Dung; put them in powder which you will mix with warm water. The patient must very often make use of it as a gargle. This remedy is very certain.


Alfalfa leaf powder - so qui li (Cherokee)

Used in a tonic to improve energy. Leaves may have estrogenic value when taken as a tea. It is a mountain remedy for diabetes and postbirthing problems associated with thyroid ailments. Saponin, an active compound of alfalfa, acts on the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It was also used as a mild laxative and a natural cleanser, as well as a diuretic. It was also given to improve the appetite of elders "and sickly children, to give them strength."
















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