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The history of North  America as written by non-Natives is incomplete, for it is written by those who think they are conquerors.  The conqueror is the person who looks outside himself to  make order rather than making clear his own mind; therefore, all that he sees and speaks is based on the lies of pride and confusion.  The Native people, particularly the Tsalagi people, had a philosphy and a written language probably before the people of Europe were emerging from their caves.  The calendar of the Americas is the oldest calendar in the world and one of the most accurate.  The first people to understand the significance of zero were the Native  American people, through careful meditation and observation of the universe.    (Voices of Our Ancestors )


In the very early 1800’s Chief Old Billy Bowleggs, designated the Indian Creek Tribe as the keepers of the history for all Chickamauga Cherokee. As an extension of this duty, our tribe has been creating historically accurate educational programs for many years in both Alabama and Florida.

We educate children and adults through school programs, our website, tribal newsletters, public demonstrations, books and story fires that detail the telling of historical actions of this great nation while documenting the unique events pertaining to our people and the United States Government.  We are an independent people who can document our history well before the American Revolution. Click Here to see photos of some of the educational programs we have done.





        The Chickamauga Towns in Alabama were found in the north east part of Alabama. They were

Turkey Town on the Coosa River, Willstown on Wills Creek, Coldwater Town near the Tuscumbia, Indian Creek Village on the Pea River at Little Indian Creek which was a Creek village under the Musogee Indian found in the old Barbour County, which today is part of Russell and Bullock Counties and Muscle Shoals in North West Alabama.

        You have Horseshoe Bend on Tallapoosa River and just South of their you have the Creek Town of Eufaula Town and just below it was the Indian Creek Village, and east by south near the Chattahoochee River was the town of Broken Arrow, North of Broken Arrow near the Chattahoochee River built in 1813 was Fort Mitchell Alabama and just across the river and 22 miles north is Columbus Georgia. And from Fort Mitchell South about 35 miles you will come to Clayton, Alabama where War Chief Halpatter Micco (Old Billy Bowlegs born 1795) when he was about 10 years old had climbed up into a tall  tree and watched 4 American soldiers kill a deer then took it and returned to the crossroad town where there was a store and trading post and only a very few cabins. This very young boy walks into this settlement of Clayton telling these soldiers that they had killed his deer and demanded it to be turned over to him, and the soldiers did. Halpatter Micco (Old Billy Bowlegs born 1795) took his deer and went on his way. When he returned to Eufaula Town the Chief of this Creek Town, who was Chief King Philip, had heard of what he had done at the town of Clayton with the soldiers and made him War Chief of the Town of Eufaula. In time the tribe had begun fighting among themselves, and this went on for some time until more and more white people began to move into Alabama. About this time a man by the name of Owens was killed by the soldiers at Fort Mitchell, and the white people in Alabama demanded the Governor to take action against the soldiers at the fort, so he sent his men to Fort Mitchell demanding that the solders be turned over to him for trial for killing Mr. Owens. About this time from the north east came these Church people demanding that the Creek Indians were being mistreated by the whites and demanded that more soldiers be sent to protect the Creek from the white people. Well in Washington DC President Jackson sent Mr. Keys to Alabama to look into this matter, and when he got to Fort Mitchell found that the Governor was pushing to try the Solders for killing Mr. Owens, and sent word to the President of this problem that seem to keep growing all the time, Jackson order the soldiers to go out and pick up the Creek for the killing, and War Chief Halpatter Micco said no way and chose to fight. And this set off the first Creek war in Alabama.



    We came from Alabama and the County was called Barbour County, a long time ago it was much larger county that took in all of Bullock and Russell County in the heart of the Creek Nation. The Indian Creek Village was located at that time where the bottom eastern part of Bullock County is today. Little Indian Creek runs into the Pea River and there is where our village sat.

    Osceola was born in Macon County next to Bullock County; he hunted from the Chattahoochee River to the Black Warriors River; his mother’s people were the Red Sticks and she lived on the Chattahoochee River, the water of which was very dark.  The young boy named Osceola (Billy Powell), whose father was a white-man, and his mother, which was Polly Copinger and the daughter of a Creek Chief, named her son Osceola meaning Black Water. Osceola’s Father’s (Powell) treatment of her is why she took her young son and went back to her own people. She hated all white-people ever afterward and taught Osceola to hate them as well. He always told his warriors to treat women and children kindly. By the time he reached 10 years old, he had already killed over 40 whites in fights in Alabama. Osceola was never a chief in Alabama.

    When we fled before the white-man’s army that General Andrew Jackson was bringing to conquer and kill the Red Man, War chief Billy Bowleg’s (Halpatter Micco) led his warriors and Women and Children into the Everglades of Florida where they joined the other Chickamauga now being call Seminoles, And Billy Bowleg’s (Halpatter Micco) changed his name to Chief Alligator and they lived close to what today is called Lake City, Florida.

      Osceola was not very tall and not very straight, but his bravery and his undying hatred of the white-man gave him his purpose to fight them, making him a strong man. In time he pulled some warriors together and set out on his own, winning more and more fights until his name became a household word to be feared by all.




       It seems that the white-man can’t tell history the way it happens, but must always tell you a polished version of history. In 1492 Christopher Columbus lands in the islands. The Native People looked at them as if they were some kind of God, Bringing food and gifts of all kinds to them, making them welcome into their village and lodges. The first thing Christopher Columbus did was to order his men to cut off the breasts and other sex parts of the women until they agreed to do what they were told to do. He also would cut off an arm or leg of the men and keep cutting them off until you did what they said.

     For someone who had set out to find a new way west to India he ended up being a mass murderer of millions of Native Americans in North and South America, Mexico, Canada and the Islands.

      In 1775 the English Colonist set forth a new Government and said they were going to set themselves apart from the mother country of England. A land owner by the name of George Washington was put in charge of the Colonial Army, which in 1776 they gain their freedom from their motherland of England.

      But this land they were taking already belonged to the Native People. Once again by force and every underhanded trick they had they took the lands of the Native People. They first said that we sold them the lands, but there is no word in the Native American language for “sale”. So one day General George Washington said to his soldiers, “stop looking for the warriors, just take these blankets with the smallpox virus in them to the Native Villages and give them the blankets and it will take care of the problem”. The Native people having no immunity to any of these viruses or illnesses died by the hundreds!

    Time and time again the New American or the so called white man in Washington DC and elsewhere did things in this same way, they have always done things by force, lying or just taking what they wish in any way that suit them.

     With The United States there have always been many hundreds of treaties. They asked for an agreement between Indian government and the United States, treaties that the United States would break each time, and by the end of the 1880’s they said they were doing away with all the treaties they had made with Native Americans.

     In the 1800’s they sat up the B.I.A., which was the United States Army, and today rule over all Native American’s; telling who can or who can’t be a Native American; using discrimination against  all Native People. They tell you if you can or can’t practice your Religion, History or even to say if you are a Native American. We are only 1% of the National population in the United States.

     No other people in the United States need a card to say who they are but Native People.  You can’t make your own craft and say that they are made by a Native American without facing a one million dollar fine or going to jail. You are told that you can’t use your tribal Religion and History.

     They say this is a free country, but it is only free for the chosen few, not all Native People are free such as the Mixed Blood Native American, or the Indians that are mixed with our Black Brothers who helped fight for our homelands and walked the trail of tears, or the Chickamauga Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Shawnee and Black slaves all the way into Florida in the early 1800’s.

      We warrior on with the fight for freedom of all Native People, this is what the Chickamauga Cherokee has done for the past 300 years and continue doing today.



Principal Chief James Billy Chance

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    The history of the Chickamauga Cherokee started long before Dragging Canoe jumped to his feet at a meeting his father Chief Atakullakulla had called in 1775. The Chickamauga at that time were only Cherokee, and had always carry the fight to protect the Cherokee Nation, but from meeting as far back as 1756 there had been talk of moving in the ways of the white man. And even Dragging Canoe as a 12 year old boy knew it was his duty to fight for and defend the lands of the Cherokee. It was the Law of the Cherokee that no one can sell, trade or giveaway the lands of the Cherokee, if so you would be put to death.

    Dragging Canoe wished to be a warrior so bad that he took and pulled a fully loaded war canoe into the water because his father told him it was the only way he could be a warrior, so he did just that, he pulled it into the water full loaded in front of all the warrior’s so his father had no choose in the matter but to keep his word.  Dragging Canoe listened to his father talk of what he had seen in the lands across the great waters when he was taken to England, and the White king father told him they would have to pay their own way back to the New World if they wish to go home. He talked about all the people, that there were more than the stars in the heaven, of all the villages with so, so many lodge's more than the eyes can count.

    Young Dragging Canoe from before he was ever 12 years old listened to what his father had to say, he knew that one day we had hoped the white men would not be willing to travel beyond the mountains. Now that hope is gone. They passed the mountains, and have settled upon Cherokee lands. They wish to have that usurpation sanctioned by treaty. When that is gained, the same encroaching spirit will lead them upon other land of the Cherokees. New cessions will be asked. Finally the whole country, which the Cherokee and their fathers have so long occupied, will be demanded, and the remnant of the Ani-Yunwiya, The Real People, once so great and formidable, will be compelled to seek refuge in some distant wilderness. There they will be permitted to stay only a short while, until they again behold the advancing banners of the same greedy host. Not being able to point out any further retreat for the miserable Cherokee, the extinction of the whole race will be proclaimed. Should we not therefore run all risks, and incur all consequences, rather than submit to further laceration of our country? Such treaties may be all right for men who are too old to hunt or fight. As for me, I have my young warriors about me. We will have our lands

     If Dragging Canoe had not died in 1792 fighting for what he believed in and for what the Cherokee had always believed in up to that time, and if he was still here today he would say, these treaty's the white man has ask us to sign and agree to, they will do away with, and they did in the late 1880's, which they called the end of the Treaty period. He would tell you the time would come when they will kill our people for because they are doing our Ceremony', and they did, (Wounded Knee), and passed laws to stop these ceremonies until the 1930's, before we could do them again. He would tell you hundreds of reasons, and they would all be true. He would tell you that our own people who choose to follow the white man’s way, would wage their war of words to finish what was once so great and formidable people, that there will be no place for the remnant of the Ani-Yunwiya, (The Real People ),   At that time the white man will have won, there will be no more Ani-Yunwiya.

      This is what Dragging Canoe would have to tell you if he was still here. A people whose job it was to fight for and to defend this land for thousands of years will be no more. Why; because the one's in Oklahoma, the White Man got to them, and they sold all of us out, the warning he gave us was not enough, we never knew depredation, the laying waste and plundering, or depreciate the express disapproval and belittling of people and plain discrimination against a race of people to a point they wish them remove from the face of Mother Earth. They are getting close to winning this war that has changed into a war of words, which they have always been the master of. They live by words that they can break, we live by our hearts, and are easily fooled. But this war has been going on for a very long time from the early 1700, they changed the name to the Creek War, and then the Seminole War, but no matter how you wish to try to re-spell it or say it, it was and still is and will always be the Chickamauga War. Dragging Canoe told you it was going to happen this way and it did, the writing is on the winds of time, only by changing the way people think can we have any chance to turn this around. After the meeting Dragging Canoe, and many of his follower went on the war path thoughout North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, and as far North as Ohio, with Chief Little Turtle, Chief Doublehead, Benge, John Watts, The Wolf, Glass, Turtle at Home, Richard Justice, Billy Bowleggs Halpatter Micco (born 1795 War Chief under Chief Phippe in Alabama), The Otter, Billy Bowleggs Halata Micco (born 1810 in Florida who was a Seminole). In battle in the North under Chief Little Turtle in 1790 that killed half of General Harmon Soldiers, less than a year later, Chief Little Turtle was in a battle with General

St. Clair and killed over half of his 1400 soldiers. We lost the battle against General Mad Wayne, because Chief Little Turtle pulled his warriors out of the fight. The Chickamauga returned South to Chattanooga, Tennessee still carrying on the fight for our Homeland. John Watts, after the death of Dragging Canoe in 1792, went against all Dragging Canoe wished and tried to talk a treaty with The United States, but it did not work. In time the Chickamauga, made up of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, Shawnee and Cherokee moved in to Muscle Shoale, Alabama but General Andrew Jackson and his army from Tennessee moved against the Chickamauga. So they went deeper into Alabama to Indian Creek just south of Horseshoe Bend. They took warriors to aid Chief Red Eagle at Fort Mims killing around 498, and part moved back to Horseshoe Bend where Andrew Jackson came with his soldiers. Many died at Horseshoe Bend, many went underground, many moved into Florida, some went west, but the war went on. They changed the name from the Chickamauga War, to the Creek War, to the Seminole War, then the Billy Bowleggs War (Billy Bowleggs Halata Micco was born in 1810 a Seminole), but the truth of the matter is, it still was the Chickamauga War. We have never lain down before anyone, The Chickamauga were and still are the Greatest Fighting Force on Mother Earth.






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